Can I pay for my order using my debit/credit card?

Our website is still under construction and currently working on this matter for our customers to pay their order with a debit or credit card. We only accept ‘cash on delivery’ on all orders at this time.

What are the costs of your delivery service?

We offer a free delivery service all over the UK.

What will happened if my order has been damaged during delivery?

A member of our team carrying out the delivery of your order, will then make the necessary checks to assure your item(s) are in perfect order before accepting your cash on delivery payment. Though this event is very unlikely to occur, as our team are very professional and have years of experience when carrying out deliveries to assure your item(s) are delivered to you without a scratch!

How do I order?

Registering an account with coastal Interiors is very easy! You do not have to register an account with Coastal Interiors to order from us. However registering an account is the best way to order from us more quickly when making future orders. We strongly recommend that you register an account on coastalinteriors.biz in order to receive future emails on Cart coupon code’s that offer amazing deals on our shopping cart for our existing customers.

Can I order and register from outside the UK?

Due to us accepting cash on delivery orders. We deliver all over the UK only at this time. Our development team are working on accepting debit/credit card payments in the future.

Can I as a customer of Coastal Interiors collect my order from the shop?

Absolutely! Though we offer a free delivery service on all orders, our customers can choose to collect their order from our shop. Find us on google maps.