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It is time for to have a brand new modern website in 2018! Please expect major changes to our websites look ‘n’ feel in the coming weeks. We are currently using a very basic design in order to maintain online sales.

The following is a list of technical issues you may experience during the re design process:

  • Search product index issues: Our users may experience inaccurate results when searching for our products via the search box This has now been resolved.

To celebrate the launch of the new 2018 website we will be offering a fantastic on-line deal on our products!

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The Beautiful Bergerac Petite Collection

Bergerac Petite Dining Collection

An extensive collection of hand crafted rustic oak furniture. This range has all the attributes of classic oak furniture, including: extra think tops, generous proportions and antique hardware. This collection exudes the warmth and quality that only solid wood furniture can offer.

Bergerac Petite Bedroom Collection


We have nearly listed over 300 items on our website!

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update: 5th September 2016 at 20:41 – We’ve listed so far over 400 items on our wesbite! Shop now >

Ranges Available:

  • Coxmoor Dining Solid Oak.
  • Davenport Dining.
  • Casa Dining.
  • Newbury Dining.
  • Astoria Dining.
  • Portland Bedroom.
  • Suffolk Living & Dining.
  • Marlborough Collection.
  • Amore Collection.
  • Moreno Collection.

Upcoming Development Tasks Available Soon:

  • Allow for payment via Debit/Credit card when making a purchase on our checkout page.

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